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People, who love plants and grow them, create beautiful things not only for themselves but for others also. The beauty and attractiveness of clematis did the favour for spreading them in many countries of the World. Clematis is a magic flower. People who have grown successfully one plant strive for finding another kind of the flower. He becomes a fan in the best meaning of this word. And, as a rule, he never parts with clematis.We are greeting you on our site. You can find the answers to many of your questions about agrotechnics of cultivation of CLEMATIS from our long-term experience.

Bubliy Valera

Bubliy Tamara

Clematis- long-term blossoming liana, which allows to decorate walls of the house, arbours, arches, balconies or fences. Clematis is long-blossoming liana which blooms richly since May till October.

You can find almost all colour scale. The flowers have from 4-5 sepals to double with a diameter from 3-4 cm to 25 depending on grades.

Clematis is a cold- resistant plant, maintaining frosts till 30°-40°С with application of easy shelter. For clematis approaches any exposition on your plot from southern up to northern depending on grades. Last time more often clematis is used for cultivation in containers and also so which can cover the ground and so ampel.