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Container culyure of clematis

DonТt you have a garden plot?

Is you yard asphalted?

And there is no place for a flower bed?

Is underground water close to your sit?

No problem!

The flowers in conteiners and pots help you to issul a fantastic oasis from favourite flowers in such a place, where it is possible to grown them by customary way.

The compact root system of clematis let you grow them in containers. It is better to grow a diferent kind in each pot- this gives to make different arrangements with blooming clematis and to change style on your balcony or terrace. It is pleasure to sit in such a place among the lians.

Creating different combinations, you may to remove pods with faded plants. It is necessary to look carefully after clematises in pods for them to bloss as bright as in the garden: to water (each days in the summer) and to fertilize (each week). It is better to use fertilizers of of continuous operatig for feeding a culture in a container.

The fertilized plants in the spring receve a complete feed for all season. Successful choice of clematises one years plant needle trees in pods without efforts give you possiblity to combine them in different groups, that will allow to keep beauty of a potterТs garden till the winter.