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Care of the plants

Clematis are very sympathetic on a good care of them. At observing correct agrotechnics they differ by colorful and long flowering, large resistance to illnesses. The care of the plants consists of the following:

+ regular watering once a week by warm water (10-20 l at one watering the fist year and 20-40 l the next year) in strong heat the quantity of water is increased.

+ loosening of ground the next day after watering with digging out weeds, if the mulch is not used.

+during the vegetating period the plant is fed up by 3-5 times with muck (1:10), complete mineral fertilizer (20g on a bucket of water), the quantity of summer feeding depends on climatic conditions of the territory and fertility of the ground. Feedings are carried out in the period of active growth and having buds, after flowering, after summer scrap to exclude feeding during flowering (as it results in reduction of activity of flowering). In the end of vegetating nitrogen fertilizers are excluded

+ for the plant a support is put from the first days of vegetating. In May an adult plant makes 7-10 cm per day.

+ in the year of planting the buds on one-year old plants are necessary to delete, that they wouldnТt weaken a plant. At the end of summer if is possible to leave one bud for the control of a grade, thus a diameter of flower will be smaller than it is specified in the catalogue.

+ if in the spring the young offsprings of clematis havenТt appeared, the planting place must not be disturbed, in due course sleeping buds will begin to develop and a plant will go to growth either at the end of one summer or the next year.