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Clematis in the flat

Our fist plants of clematis were bought in Czechia many years ago. The plant had their own roots of summer term of grafting (i.e. they were not grafted), the root system was in the smale container. We didn't risk to implant them (as we had not enough information about them at that time) and we put containers with clematises in a cellar. At the end of January on the plants the buds woke up and the offsprings began to grow.

It was necessary to transfer the container in a room: the plants on a window sill continued vegetation and in the beginning of the spring have pleased us with the first opened buds. This case showed that at the minimal care it is possible to receive a beautiful blossoming liana in the room.

For cultivation of clematis in the flat you must take a large flower pot or bucket or box with height not less the 30-40cm and diameter of 30-40 cm, with holes in the bottom for drain of water. At the bottom put drainage of rubble or haydite. In friable, rich nutritious substances ground we implant the cutting graft with the good root system.

It is necessary to put a support at once. As the support it is possible to use two wooden, plastic or metal probes which are put in the ground at the edge of a pot. Above and below the probes are fastened by cross rods from the same material. The strings are pulled and lianas are distributed on the support. Care for the plants: regular watering with subsequent loosing and feeding by complete mineral fertilizer once a month up to end of summer. Repeated feeding it is possible to replace by giving fertilizer of long action in the spring. In the strong heat the quantity of watering is increased. To exclude loosening mulch is used. Mulch detains evaporation of moisture, improves the temperature mode and structure of soil. As mulch it is possible to use sawdust or crushed bark.

From our collection of clematis (about 80 grades) for cultivation in a room many grades are tested, but I like lowgrown with many flowers. Clematis, which blossoming on last year's offsprings are more compact. They allow to receive earlier flowering. These grades are Nelly Moser, Arctic Queen, Multi Blue and etc. The spring planting is preferable to plant in a container. the plant must be outdoors in the year of planting. In autumn, at approaching of steady colds, clematis are transfered in the cool cellar or on the balcony, are covered from frosts, for passing the period of rest. In the middle of winter clematis in a container is brought in a room and put on a window sill with good light.

The additional illumination is applied. Very often it is necessary to watch growth of a bush, keeping it in the certain borders by cutting. In the beginning of spring clematis will blossom. The first flowers have paler coloring than at cultivation in the open ground. At increase of day light flowers get natural color.

In summer the container with plant can be left in the flat or in the garden or balcony. For maintenance of constant humidity of substratum and exluding overheating the container can be digging in the ground. In autumn the plant is cut and put in the cellar. Grades, which blossoming on the current year's offsprings are cut on 1-2 buds from the level of the ground and the grades, which blossoming on the last yearТs offsprings are cut high: 50-70 cm, with removal of weak offsprings. After three-years growing clematis is planted in the garden and replaced with a new plant in the pot.