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Choice of a plot, preparation of the ground, planting

For planting clematis it is possible to choose any exposition, but don't forget to take into account features of a grade. As a rule, the majority of grades prefer a combination of a good light place with shadow for the root. And the grades with the light color and having a stripe on petals of a flower, if they are planted in semi shadow will have more bright color of the flower and stripes. It is necessary to avoid wet sites on your plot and also sites with stagnation of water, because that can result in destruction of the plant.

For planting it is necessary to dig out a hole 60*60*60 cm at the bottom of the hole put a drainage by a layer of rubble or haydite. Fill the hole with a mixture of good garden ground with adding of compost or rotten muck, add handful of complete mineral fertilizer and two glasses of ashes.

At planting a plant with the closed root system it is accurately taken out from the container (if the container of polyethylene film it is enough to cut it and to take out the plant not breaking the piece of grounds) and put it in the hole on 10-12 cm below the level of the ground. Fill the hole not up to the edge that the plant will not die. During summer, during loosening ground, the hole will be gradually filled up with the ground. Before planting the vegetating plant in the container it is necessary to harden it. It is better to plant in the evening or in cloudy weather, in the period when the threat of frosts passes.

And before it the plant is possible to keep in the container for a long time without threat of reduction of its quality, not forgetting about watering. If the plant is planted and frost is expected it is necessary to cover it. During one-two weeks it is necessary to give shadow for the planted plant.

At planting clematis with open root system fill the hole with soil mixture like a hill, on which you straighten roots and fill the hole with fertile mix of the ground, in this case the root neck should be on 10-12 cm below the level of the ground. Such planting preserves root of the plant from overheating in the summer time and from frost in winter. After planting the plant it is necessary to water it and its place, it is desirable to mulch it. As a mulch it is possible to use sawdust or cruched bark or needles etc. the layer of mulch must be about 5 cm and it has not to touch offsprings. Mulch prevents growth of weeds, keeps moisture in a root zone of the plant and improves a temperature mode of the ground.