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At cultivation of clematis the support or carcasses are necessary which give various forms to lianas guiding with your taste and available materials for producing the support. Clematis from the first day of its vegetation needs a support, except the cases when clematis is used as the plant which covers the ground. But donТt hasten with installation of a constant support.

In the first year the metal or wooden probe will be enough. Further the steady strong, attractive supports are made which are convenient for fastening plants. For manufacturing supports use metal, wood, plastic.The aesthetic kind of support depends on your tastes.

It is necessary to remember that since autumn and till May the supports are not decorated by clematis and should perform the role of the small architectural forms. Height of support can be individual or large group for several plants. The traditional kinds of supports are well known: trellis, pyramids, arches, pergolas. It is possible to use fencings, lamp posts, canopies, unks of trees, having supplied, with additional devices for fastening (cords, wire and grid).