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The first years after planting it is impossible to expect from clematises that they will be in all their beauty.

Beautiful shrubberies, which make favorable impressions are formed after some years. It is necessary to make correct annual cutting for this purpose. After the first year of vegetation for all clematis it is necessary complete cutting irrespective of the group. For this the offsprings are cut up to the first bud above the surface of the ground in autumn. Such cutting stimulates growth of new offsprings from sleeping buds near root next year.

If in the second year the plant develops poorly (though at observance of all the rules of agrotechnic it happens very seldom) in autumn you must execute complete cutting again. In the second and next years the cutting is made depending on features of cutting which are divided into following groups. The first group of cutting: early flowering

If the plants have grown too large, they are possible to cut after flowering, best to do this in June.

The second group of cutting: early summer flowering

For the second group it is recommended light cutting. It concerns to the majority of hybrids of clematis, which under favorable conditions after the basic flowering in May-June begin to blossom secondarily in August-September. As blossoms are formed on last yearТs offsprings light cutting is recommended to do in the late autumn on 1-1,5 m. dead and weak offsprings are removed completely.

The third group of cutting: summer flowering

Clematises, which blossoming in summer and autumn. In autumn they are cut (15-20 cm from the level of the ground) as the flowers occur on young offsprings next summer. At cutting up to 50th cm the flowering will be two weeks earlier. It is necessary to cut with a sharp secateurs: slanting cut is made on 5-7 mm above buds (such cut doesnТt keep the water). The cutting of the next bush is performed only after disinfection of the secateurs.

For increase of quantity of offsprings during the second year it is possible to perform cutting of the top in the beginning of the plant growing.

For I-II groups of cutting: Fist cutting is performed on 20-30 cm above the soil, the second one- after regrowth of offsprings, on the height of 50-70 cm and the last is performed on the height of 100-150 cm.

For III group of cutting:
The first cutting is performed on height of 10-15 cm above the soil, the second one after a regrowth of offsprings, on height of 20-30 cm and the last is made on height of 40-50 cm.

In the result of such cutting we get a good developed plant.

Combined cutting. At combined cutting the part of offsprings of the bush is low cut: at 1-2 the distance between knots from the level of the ground. The left offsprings of the bush are cut easily at 10-12 units. At such cutting first flowers appeal on the last year offsprings (i.e. offsprings which were cut easily) and later on the currenr year offsprings, which were low cut.

Combined cutting is applied to hybrid grades of clematis, which are receive at crossing of clematis of different groups of cutting. You can apply the combined cutting if you donТt know to what group the plant belongs to.