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Clematis on the balcony

For cultivation of clematis on the balcony the wooden box 60*60*60 is needed (the size and form can be a bit changed). For aeration of the roots it is recommended to make holes in walls and in the bottom of the box the drainage is put and the box is filled with friable fertile mix (deciduous ground, sand, peal, turf). The level of ground is lower than the edge of the box for 5 cm. in the container one clematis is planted by all rules of planting clematis, with lowering for 10 cm. On the balcony the box is better to put near a back or side wall.

The flowering on the balconies comes for two-tree weeks earlier than in open ground.Further these plants can be planted in the garden, and to plant new clematis in a box.

фото от Наталии (Ванкувер)

The care for lianas doesn’t differ from care of them in open ground. In process of drying substratum the container with a plant is watered. Feed up by complete mineral fertilizer or muck (1:10). At high level of agrotechnic of cultivation of clematis in the container it is possible to grow them for 5-7 years, then the beauty of the bush is reduced. For improvement of growth clematises and improvement of structure of soil, having receded from edges of the box we make hole and then fill it with the mix of black earth, crushed twigs, humus. Watering and feeding with fertilizers is made out through these holes, that allows to distribute moisture in the container in regular intervals.

For winter lianas are cut on 1-2 buds from the surface of the ground. On the balcony the container with the plant it is better to put at the wall under a window, which is an additional source of heat.

It is necessary to raise a container with the plant on 5-10 cm from the floor and the formed space to fill with any cover, that the ground in the container does not freeze in the winter period.

The container is necessary to covere with an old blanket or other cover materials from all sides, that the ground will not freeze. For protection from rain which is dangerous in winter time if the balcony is not glassed it is necessary to make a shelter of polyethylene film. In winter the container with clematis can be kept in the cellar, and in spring to put it on the balcony again (March- April).

If there is a danger of frost, the plant should be covered for night. In spring clematis gradually opens considereting weather conditions. If the balcony is not glassed it is necessary to watch ventilation as clematises suffer from overheating and drying. In the box where clematis grows it is possible to plant one year plants which are traditionally cultivated on the balcony. They will give roots a necessary shadow and all composition will look even more attractively.

Select different grades for planting clematis in container. Coloring, variety of the forms and different terms flowering which give you the opportunity to create a cosy, romantic place of nature.