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Advice on buying plant

A reliable soures of buying plants is a guarantee of success. It can be nurseries, garden centers, specialized shops or collectors. It is better, that sold plants were in the pods, because such plants are easily undergone the transplantation and they can be planted since March prior to the beginning November. The main criterias at purchasing the plants should be veracity of kind and quality of a planted material, but not a low price! The plants should be healthy, strong, with a good root system. It is not useful to buy the plant described by the seller only for color and without a name. If you know a correct name of a kind it is possible to create demanded conditions for cultivation (place for planting, cutting, wintering etc.).

It will help you to avoid errors and disappointments. The planting of two-year old the plants will allow you to reduce to one year the term of obtaining of a good quality ample blossoming the shrubbery of clematis.

It is not enough to buy a good kind it is necessary to make many efforts and the plant will surprise and will thank you only in 2-3 years with its beauty.